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CFS Dove Clinic Treatment Approach

Medical Support for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dr Julian Kenyon of the Dove Clinic Dr Richard Fuller's Consulting Room at The Dove Clinic

This is a safe and effective treatment for the allergy and intolerance that can cause or exacerbate many CFS-related symptoms. Also known as Low Dose Immunotherapy, the treatment involves skin testing for a variety of allergens and foods that may be highlighted by patients or the medical team as possible significant factors. Depending on the skin reaction, a series or serial dilutions are applied until the “positive” skin changes such as itch, wheal or induction of usual symptoms are relieved. This concentration, termed the “end point” can then be administered on a daily basis to reduce those symptoms and increase dietary and environmental tolerance.

Specific hormonal support may be utilised depending on the history and investigations. Phospholipids and methyl-donating supplementation may also be recommended to aid neurological function.

Rest from mental activity and emotional stress is very important, particularly in the early stages of the illness, however it is possible to rest too much as your muscles may become de-conditioned. ”Pacing” means alternating activity with rest, planning and prioritising tasks, alternating different activities e.g. mental work with physical tasks and stopping each before you become exhausted.

Single or complex homeopathic remedies may be provided

Massage, lymphatic and trigger point therapies can be arranged

Both traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medical approaches are utilised. This technique can be of significant benefit in chronic pain.

Using safe and high quality supplementation

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is an effective and gentle approach to reduce stress and anxiety as well as pain and fatigue in CFS. It combines CBT Talking therapy approaches with principles of meditation, breathing and mindfulness exercises.

Patient’s experiences of treatment at the Dove Clinic can be found on The Dove Clinic’s website.

Dr Julian Kenyon, Medical Director of the Dove Clinic, which has a CFS treatment centre at Twyford in Hampshire.

The Dove Clinic, in Twyford, Hampshire, is located in a secluded setting in the centre of Twyford Village, with its own private car park.